Blackpool Years

It takes a game changer to make people turn heads and create history. Being one of the most popular sports since the 19th century, football has been revolutionizing sports one goal at a time. Blackpool FC, which was established in 1887, is popularly coined as “Tangerines” which was adapted from its orange home kit.

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Blackpool certainly sees no point in settling for less when they have catapulted to being one of the best when they reached the FA Premier League which made Blackpool the first ever football club in the English Football category to have won and made the promotion from each division in the Football league by way of the play-off system. This all went into successful fruition during the conclusion of the 2009 to 2010 campaign.

Going by its tagline or motto of “Progress” as shown on the club crest, Blackpool FC certainly has an escalating and impressive track record for the European and English football seasons which covers its career path from 1896 up to this date of their current campaign. Looking at the terrain, this certainly is a spectacle to watch. Blackpool FC’s timeline is considerably perennial and given any angle, we can see the club’s progression from one campaign to another. From September 5, 1896 to May 8, 2016, Blackpool FC has played a whopping total of 4,564 league games or football matches from which they have won 36% or 1,647, draws equivalent to 26% or 1,165, and lost around 38% or 1,752.

Interestingly, Blackpool FC started out as a church club in 1877 and at some point was disbanded and had to regroup to form the Blackpool Football Club under the leadership of Mr. Samuel Bancroft. They were first introduced and played at Raikes Hall Garden and then fused with another team “South Shore” in the Bloomfield Road where they became known as the “Tangerines”. The team shifted to color orange as suggested by director and referee Albert Hargreaves who thought Dutch colors would be tailor-fit to Blackpool FC as it makes them stand out amongst the other English football club palettes. They have played from combinations of white and black which accounted for them to be tagged with the nickname “LilyWhites”, white and blue stripes, and red and white horizontal stripes before they shifted to orange during the 1923/24 season. It then changed to light and dark blue shirts with white shorts at the start of the 1933/34 season but settled for the old tangerine color in the 1938/39 season which perfectly suits Blackpool FC.

Competition can actually bolster your competence which is what happens to Blackpool FC when faced with its local rival, Preston North End, although the two have not met in the field for 6 years now. Last time they have played in the Premiere League was February 2010. Apart from playing for the Premiere Football League of which they were a bonafide member, Blackpool FC also played for the FA Cup Finals for six years at which they have become successful following their third attempt. In their effort to level up the playing field, they have upgraded to Division One successfully which is considered to be the top rank of English Football.

Blackpool FC takes pride with players that have that sweet left foot that gets the ball rolling right to their advantage.  Their most remarkable achievement to date is the “Matthews Final” or the 1953 FA Cup Final wherein they were able to defeat Bolton Wanderers. They also were able to make it on the top 6 in the 1950’s Football League First Division. Their not-so-successful seasons though were in the 1980’s or 1982 to 1983 seasons wherein they finished 21st or considered to be the lowest tier in the English League Football. These losses though were merely setbacks for Blackpool FC who had their eyes set on the goal from day one.

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