Bloomfield Road Stadium has been the home to the “Tangerines” or Blackpool FC games and events since 1901. More popularly referred to as “Bloomers”, this is described to be a football stadium that can be found at the English seaside town in Blackpool. This is also considered to be the 4th smallest stadium that is pushing for the 2014/2015 championship season before the team was transferred.

Bloomfield Road has been used as a host for different football matches since 1887; even before the stadium was built in 1899. The first ever match played at the stadium was held on October 21, 1899 which was a match between South Shore FC and that of 1st South Lancashire Regimen. As we all know, South Shore FC merged with Blackpool FC. On its opening day, the stadium only had a single stand on its western side that has a seating capacity of only 300 people. At that particular time, a good attendance would comprise around 2,000 fans in attendance. More stands were added to the stadium. After the 4th stand or north stand was constructed, Bloomfield Road Stadium became one of the few football grounds in England that had four stands that are built one on each side of the field.

Upon merging with South Shore FC, Blackpool FC first played at the Raikes Hall Ground and then permanently moved to the Bloomfield Road Stadium at the start of the 1901 to 1902 season. At the start of the season, Blackpool FC get to beat the Doncaster Rovers (3-1) in their first ever league game in October 12, 1901.

The stadium continued its expansion over the years which resulted to a boost in seating capacity to around 20,000 in the 1920’s and bolstered to 30,000 in the 1930’s. Over the first half of the 20th century or 1960’s, the capacity grew to accommodate around 40,000 fans. The record attendance when they were pitted against the Wolves on September 17, 1955 was at 38,098 fans.

After the Bradford City fire that happened in the late 1980’s, safety legislations were implemented which prompted the closure of both the west and south stands.

In 2001, the West Stand and Spion Kop were demolished and replaced with new stands. In 2003, the East and South stands were demolished but have not been replaced.

It took many years or until 2010 when a new South Stand was built while the East End was also improved in 2011.

Key Description:

Club/Team: Blackpool FC

Capacity: 17,338 seats

Address: Bloomfield Road, Seasiders Way, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 6JJ

Opened: 1899

Bloomfield Road today comprise of these sections:

  • Mortensen (North) Stand
  • Armfield Road End (South) Stand
  • Temporary East Stand
  • Stanley Matthews (West) Stand

How to get there:

Bloomfield Road is situated right at the central Blackpool, just a few hundred meters from the Promenade and south of Blackpool town center. It’s around 20- to 30-minute walk from Blackpool’s North rail station.